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William – Industrial Engineer

Dallas, TX

John – Amazon Warehouse Worker

Chicago, IL

Mike – Recruiter

Orlando, US

John – Amazon Warehouse Worker

Chicago, IL

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Brian – Sous Chef

Lake Tahoe, California

Remington- Mechanical Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

Reid – Musician

Bloomington, IL

Mauro L – Data Analyst

Austin, TX

Bryan – Electrician

Vancouver, Canada

Want to Work With Andy & Become The Next Success Story?

The Software Development Mastermind program is an invite-only program in which Andy Sterkowitz will personally mentor you to reach your goals.

READ CAREFULLY: To get invited into the Software Development Mastermind program, the first step is to book a free Career Strategy Session where we will see if you are a good fit for the program and if the program is a good fit for you.

The call is free and will provide you with massive value.  We will:

1.) Identify your current sticking points

2.) Determine realistic goals

3.) Tell you what's the next best step to maximize your results

4.) Finally, if you want to work with Andy and we believe it's a good fit, you'll learn how the program works, the investment and how to get started.

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Mike – Recruiter

Orlando, US

Trevor – Business Owner

Kyoto, Japan

Ly – IT Support Engineer

Chicago, IL

Johnathan – Software Tester

Washington D.C.

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